Opal Services is dedicated to assuring that all of its employees receive comprehensive training. Our commitment to providing quality training begins with our New Employee Orientation. We provide individual training sessions to allow employees of all skill levels and backgrounds to train at their own pace and ask questions throughout the process. The New Employee Orientation covers fundamental building blocks we believe each employee must be familiar with to assure Opal Services is providing a quality service to the service recipients we assist. This thorough training includes a comprehensive review of the Vulnerable Adult Law, Basic Teaching Techniques, aspects of Confidentiality, Defensive Driving, OSHA/AWAIR, Back Safety, Service Recipients Rights and Responsibilities, and Opal-specific policies. Once those core areas are covered, the employee is forwarded on to the facility for the next phase of the orientation process. At the facility employees have an opportunity to become more familiar with the service recipients they will be serving. The on-site training includes a review of Risk Management Plans, ISPs (Individual Service Plans), ISP Implementation Plans, individual service recipients outcomes, financial procedures, dietary details, facility guidelines, documentation procedures, and emergency protocol. During this phase the employee will get a chance to observe and participate in the implementation of individual service recipients outcomes, community outings, and household tasks. The final phase of the orientation process consists of larger class-style trainings. Opal provides training in CPR and First Aid.  All employees also participate in crisis intervention training, and a comprehensive medication administration training. This training is instructed by a Registered Nurse and prepares the employee to understand all aspects of medication administration required to pass medication at an Opal facility. As Opal is committed to providing a healthy work environment we support this goal by providing harassment training not only during the initial orientation process but also on an annual basis. All of the New Employee Orientation is considered paid training.

To further our commitment to having well trained employees on staff, Opal provides ongoing training annually. Our training topics include interactive Vulnerable Adult training, OSHA/AWAIR, seasonal safety topics, staff meetings, and a variety of nutrition and health-related topics. Our training staff are dedicated to creating a positive learning experience and pride themselves on their knowledge of the training topics they cover. We believe that learning is a continuous process and understand the importance of a quality training experience.