Congratulations to Demetria, the employee of the Quarter for the Second Quarter 2020!

Opal Services would like to announce and congratulate Demetria from our Gilbert facility as the Employee of the Quarter for the Second Quarter 2020! As recipient of this award, Demetria will receive a commemorative certificate, $50 bonus, announcement at our annual holiday party, and 8 hours of paid time off!

Congratulations, Demetria, and thank you for all your hard work!

Previous Employees of the Quarter include:
~ Sila from Porter, First Quarter 2020
~ Brittany from North & South Wentworth, Fourth Quarter 2019
~ Brandy from our Corporate Office, Third Quarter 2019
~ Shalena from Coachman, Second Quarter 2019
~ Bobbisue from Finch, First Quarter 2019
~ Alain from Spruce, Third Quarter 2018
~ Shawn and Duane, Maintenance Dept, Second Quarter 2018
~ Bea from Ohio, First Quarter 2018
~ Jessica from Coachman, Fourth Quarter 2017
~ Jordyn from Porter, Third Quarter 2017
~ Rebecca from Southview, Second Quarter 2017
~ Jenna from Porter, First Quarter 2017
~ Mahad from Pontiac, Fourth Quarter 2016
~Akinlabi from Rushmore, Third Quarter 2016
~Janna from Pine and Melanie from Pine, Second Quarter 2016
~Ashley from Dominica, First Quarter 2016
~Amber from Southview, Fourth Quarter 2015
~Stephen from Coachman, Third Quarter 2015
~Terese from Fishing, Second Quarter 2015
~Jona from Diffley, First Quarter 2015
~Rick from Diffley, Fourth Quarter 2014
~Kristin from Pine, Third Quarter 2014
~Nancy from Coachman, Second Quarter 2014
~Nora from North and South Wentworth, First Quarter 2014